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  • Director
    Jill Voznick

    Based on
    Russo/German Folktales

    Marius Petipa
    (adapted by the IPBA faculty)

    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    (except where indicated)

    Scenic Design
    Daniel Nyiri

Inland Pacific Ballet Academy

The 2019 Spring Recital

Adapted from the Classic Story Ballet

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June 8, 2019

Bridges Auditorium
Pomona College

Our Annual Spring Recital
presents a
Classic Story Ballet
performed entirely by students

Adaptations of classics such as Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Coppelia, are fully staged with beautiful scenery and costumes, and are presented at the magnificent Bridges Auditorium in Claremont.

All Levels in the Academy participate in this delightful event - from 3 year old Pre-Ballet students through the upper division's most advanced dancers, and the show often includes upwards of 150 dancers. Many audience members enjoy attending each year to watch young talent develop and grow up through the Academy ranks. The majority of Inland Pacific Ballet's professional Company Dancers grew up through the Academy and gained valuable performing experience dancing in the Academy Recitals where dancers can cut their teeth on roles that groom them for the challenges they will face as professionals.

There are many "firsts" for the students each year - it can be their first time on stage, first time wearing a tutu, first time performing on pointe, dancing a solo or dancing a principal role. Mostly it is a joyful celebration of all of the hard work and dedication the students - and families - have accomplished throughout the year and a chance for the Academy students to shine and share their art with family, friends and the community.

Long before our story begins, Odette, a beautiful princess, falls under the spell of Fate, a wicked sorceress...

Act 1 - Scene One

It is Prince Siegfried's twenty-first birthday and he is celebrating with friends. The Queen Mother arrives to give him his present, a crossbow, and reminds him that, as he is to become King, he must choose a bride at the ball the next evening. She leaves, bidding him to enjoy himself, but reminding him again to think about his royal obligation to be wed. Siegfried, realizing that his carefree days are at an end, leaves the party at the height of the festivities to seek the solace of the woods. Lots of woodland creatures try to cheer him up to no avail. Siegfried prefers to be alone.

Act 1 - Scene Two

Lured by Fate, Siegfried finds himself on the banks of a mysterious lake. In the shimmering patches of moonlight on the water, visions of swan maidens rise up before him. Siegfried catches sight of Odette, the most beautiful of the maidens. He is spell-bound, deeply struck by her beauty. At long last, he has found his romantic ideal of love. He swears to Odette that he will love her forever and be faithful to her.

Act 2 - Scene Three

Prospective brides-to-be are arriving, Princesses and their entourages from the different kingdoms in Europe. The Prince must choose one of them to be his wife. But Siegfried can think of nothing but Odette and his meeting of her. He dances in an offhand way with the princesses. Not one of them can compare to his ideal. Suddenly, Fate arrives at the ball accompanied by a ravishingly beautiful young girl and a suite of black swans. It is Fate and Odile, pretending to be Odette. Siegfried hurries towards Odile. Fate is putting the Prince's sentiments to the test. Siegfried is enchanted by Odile who manages to disarm him of all his doubts. He announces Odile to be his chosen bride. At this very moment, a vision of the beautiful Odette appears before the assembled company. Siegfried realizes that he has become a plaything in the hands of Fate. Hoping to atone for his betrayal, he rushes in despair after the receding image of the white swan.

Act 2 - Scene Four

Night-time. Siegfried's conscience is deeply troubled; he hurries towards Odette begging for her forgiveness. Odette forgives the Prince. The Prince and Odette's love for each other conquers the doings of Fate and Odette is transformed back into a maiden and vow their eternal love for each other. The entire castle celebrates with a glorious wedding.