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  • Director
    Jill Voznick

    William Shakespeare

    Laurence Blake
    (adapted by the IPBA faculty)

    Felix Mendelssohn
    (except where indicated)

    Scenic Design
    Daniel Nyiri

Inland Pacific Ballet Academy

The 2018 Spring Recital

A Midsummer
Night's Dream

Adapted from the classic comedic play
by William Shakespeare, where love and laughter ensue from the antics of
meddling woodland fairies.

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Tickets on Sale May 1, 2018

June 9, 2018

Bridges Auditorium
Pomona College

Our Annual Spring Recital
presents a
Classic Story Ballet
performed entirely by students

Adaptations of classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Coppelia, are fully staged with beautiful scenery and costumes, and are presented at the magnificent Bridges Auditorium in Claremont.

All Levels in the Academy participate in this delightful event - from 3 year old Pre-Ballet students through the upper division's most advanced dancers, and the show often includes upwards of 150 dancers. Many audience members enjoy attending each year to watch young talent develop and grow up through the Academy ranks. The majority of Inland Pacific Ballet's professional Company Dancers grew up through the Academy and gained valuable performing experience dancing in the Academy Recitals where dancers can cut their teeth on roles that groom them for the challenges they will face as professionals.

There are many "firsts" for the students each year - it can be their first time on stage, first time wearing a tutu, first time performing on pointe, dancing a solo or dancing a principal role. Mostly it is a joyful celebration of all of the hard work and dedication the students - and families - have accomplished throughout the year and a chance for the Academy students to shine and share their art with family, friends and the community.

Faerie Banner for A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Annual Recital of the Inland Pacific Ballet Academy

Sure to Enchant and Delight!

Butterflies, Fairies, Sprites, Lady bugs and all sorts of Woodland Creatures will be dancing through the halls of the Inland Pacific Ballet Academy (IPBA) as rehearsals get underway in March for the school's performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

This year's production is based on the classic comedic play by William Shakespeare, where love and laughter ensue from the antics of meddling of woodland fairies. Unlike many ballet recitals presented by other schools, IPBA presents full-length ballets on a professional stage to showcase its students. The production's rehearsal and performance experience helps the students develop a strong sense of what it is like to be in a professional company. Itís fun and educational, learning the history and decorum that go hand in hand with being a part of a full-length ballet. In addition to family and friends of the dancers, the recital is open to the public and provides an excellent opportunity to observe the highly professional training available at IPBís Academy. A lot of people love to come to our Academy recitals because they see dancers in the making. Itís a wonderful process to see how talent is developed and watching young dancers as they move up the ranks.

Act 1

On a mid-summer night, an Orphaned Child is found in the Kingdom of Oberon and his Queen, Titania who don't agree how to teach the boy the ways of their fairy world. Titania first has charge of the boy, and her Fairies protect him from the mischievous Puck and refuse to turn him over to Oberon. Oberon and Puck, decide to play a trick on Titania. They conspire to use a magic flower, whose nectar, when sprinkled in the eyes, causes the victim to fall in love with first thing they see. A quartet of humans enters the woods; Hermia and Lysander are very much in love, but Helena and Demetrius' love does not seem destined to be. Feeling sorry for the rejected Helena, Puck decides to use the magic flower on Demetrius, hoping to win his heart for Helena. But Puck accidentally puts the flower nectar in Lysander's eyes, leaving Helena with two suitors and poor Hermia with none.

Act 2

Finding some Rustic Boys in the woods, Puck turns one of the boys (Demetrius) into a donkey to use in a trick on Titania. When Titania is asleep in her tree bower, Puck and Oberon return with Demetrius in his donkey form and sprinkle the flower nectar in Titania's eyes. Waking up, Titania immediately falls in love with poor Demetrius. Oberon, having enough of this prank, orders Puck to change Demetrius back into a boy and reconciles with his Queen. Titania gives charge of the Orphan Child to Oberon, and Puck resolves the mix up with the lovers. With this done, peace and order are returned to the Kingdom, and all gather for a celebration.