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The 2017 Spring Recital

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June 10, 2017


Bridges Auditorium
Pomona College

Our Annual Spring Recital
presents a
Classic Story Ballet
performed entirely by students

Adaptations of classics such as Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Coppelia, are fully staged with beautiful scenery and costumes, and are presented at the magnificent Bridges Auditorium in Claremont.

All Levels in the Academy participate in this delightful event - from 3 year old Pre-Ballet students through the upper division's most advanced dancers, and the show often includes upwards of 150 dancers. Many audience members enjoy attending each year to watch young talent develop and grow up through the Academy ranks. The majority of Inland Pacific Ballet's professional Company Dancers grew up through the Academy and gained valuable performing experience dancing in the Academy Recitals where dancers can cut their teeth on roles that groom them for the challenges they will face as professionals.

There are many "firsts" for the students each year - it can be their first time on stage, first time wearing a tutu, first time performing on pointe, dancing a solo or dancing a principal role. Mostly it is a joyful celebration of all of the hard work and dedication the students - and families - have accomplished throughout the year and a chance for the Academy students to shine and share their art with family, friends and the community.

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Synopsis of the Story


The Square of a Little Town

Old Dr. Coppelius, a doll maker, has constructed a mechanical doll, Coppelia, so lifelike that everyone imagines her to be a beautiful girl. Swanhilda is annoyed when Coppelia ignores her and angry when she discovers that Franz, her fiancÚ is trying to flirt with the beautiful doll. Swanhilda's Friends and other Townspeople enter, and some dance a lively Mazurka. Through the Wheat Pas de Deux, Swanhilda has her Friends test Franz's faithfulness to her with a sprig of wheat, and she is upset when the test fails. Swanhilda and her Friends dance, and then everyone departs. Dr. Coppelius is teased by a band of Ruffians and drops his key. Swanhilda and her friends find it and enter the workshop, followed by a group of young girls


Dr. Coppelius' Workshop

Inside the workshop, Swanhilda and her companions discover some of Dr. Coppelius's wonderful toys. Dared by her companions, Swanhilda approaches the cupboard that hides Coppelia; she is astonished to find that Coppelia is only a doll. Dr. Coppelius enters and drives them all out, except Swanhilda, who hides in the cupboard and takes Coppelia's place. Franz sneaks into the workshop through the window, and Dr. Coppelius threatens him with punishment. On second thought, however, he adopts another plan; he drugs Franz and, using a book of magic, tries to bring Coppelia and his other Mechanical Dolls to life with the boy's spirit. Swanhilda, pretending to be Coppelia, pretends to come to life. The old man is delighted, and entertains her with his many Dolls. Chaos ensues in the workshop as all the dolls begin to dance. Franz awakens, and after explaining the trick to Dr. Coppelius, the reunited couple departs, leaving Dr. Coppelius with his beloved dolls.


The Square of a Little Town

The next day, everyone has gathered for the wedding of Franz and Swanhilda. Dr. Coppelius arrives to perform the ceremony. The Flower Girls dance, and then the Chef and his Cake Decorators make a wedding cake. Franz dances, followed by Dance of the Hours, Dawn, Prayer, Blessing and The Village Girls . Finally, Swanhilda and Franz dance together, and the whole town celebrates the joyful occasion with a rousing finale.