The Little Mermaid Libretto

In another time, in a place far under the sea, there lived a mermaid princess. Her father's kingdom was more beautiful than can be imagined; yet every night, The Little Mermaid dreamed of the world at the surface. Her father, the Sea King, would allow his daughters to visit the surface on their fifteenth birthday. Being the youngest of six princesses, The Little Mermaid never tired of listening to the stories of her older sisters.

When at last, her own fifteenth birthday came, The Little Mermaid could hardly wait for the festivities to end. Once she had her fathers blessing, she rose up through the sea like a water-bubble. She arrived in time to see the most beautiful sunset, and as twilight fell upon the sea, a ship sailed into view, and from the ship were fireworks and noises of a great celebration. The curious mermaid swam near to the boat so she could see the humans. The most handsome of all was a young prince. It was his sixteenth birthday. As the evening went on, however, the wind began to blow and the swells began to grow. A terrible storm was brewing. The mighty waves tossed the ship as lightning burned through the sky. Finally the ship gave in to the sea. The Little Mermaid knew she must save The Prince who was drowning. She lifted his head above the surface until the storm had passed. By this time, morning had broken, and she had brought him to a calm beach in a tiny bay leaving him safely on the sand.

The Little Mermaid watched over the prince to make sure he would be all right. In a short time, a young schoolgirl went that way. For a moment, she seemed startled, but soon The Prince came around. He was safe, but did not know that The Little Mermaid had saved his life. Saddened to think she may never see him again, she swam back to her father's palace deep beneath the waves. Many nights thereafter, she would swim to the place where she left him hoping to see him once more, for she had fallen in love with him.

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As a last resort, she knew she must consult The Sea Witch, of whom she had always been so afraid. The Sea Witch lived in another part of the sea. It was a scary journey past scary creatures and old shipwrecks. The Sea Witch knew why The Little Mermaid had come and was quite willing to help. She would make a potion that would give the mermaid legs instead of a fishtail. She would appear graceful and lovely, but as payment to the witch, she must give up her voice. She must have The Prince fall in love with her, for if he marries another, she will die. Desperate, The Little Mermaid agreed, and the potion was made.

The next morning, The Little Mermaid swam to the surface where The Prince's castle overlooks the sea and drank the potion. As her tail divided into two legs, the mermaids wish to become human came true. Soon, The Prince happened upon the mermaid, but without her voice, she could not tell him who she was or where she had come from. The Prince took her back to his castle where they quickly became great friends. At last, the time had come for The Prince to choose a bride. Knowing that The Prince had never forgotten the face of the young schoolgirl, The Sea Witch lured her to his castle. Thinking that she might have been the one who saved him, he chose her to marry. After The Prince announced his engagement, The Little Mermaid's heart was broken, as she believed that she not only lost the man she loved, but also would die. The Sea King confronted The Sea Witch and begged her to break the spell, but she would not do it. Even with his own powerful magic, he could not change her spell, but he could add to it. If the prince realized that he loved The Little Mermaid, they would both turn into Merfolk and live safely beneath the sea.

The Prince saw The Little Mermaid as she bid good-bye to her sisters at the seas edge. Only then could The Prince see the sacrifice that The Little Mermaid had made to be with him, and knew that he could not be happy without her. He told her of his love and at that moment, they were magically transported to the undersea world where they had a grand wedding and lived together, happily under the sea.

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