Inland Pacific Ballet presents:

Cinderella logotype image
  • Lewis Family Playhouse
  • Saturday, March 24, 2018  2:00pm
  • Saturday, March 24, 2018  7:30pm
  •    Sunday, March 25, 2018  2:00pm
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  • Bridges Auditorium
  • Saturday, April 20, 2018  2:00pm
  • Saturday, April 20, 2018  7:30pm
  •    Sunday, April 21, 2018  2:00pm
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  • Fox Performing Arts Center
  • in Riverside
  •   Saturday, April 28, 2018  2:00pm
  • Saturday, April 28, 2018  7:30pm
  •   Sunday, April 29, 2018  2:00pm
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Concept & Libretto
Victoria Koenig

DJ Gray, Clinton Rothwell,
Laurence Blake, & Jill Voznick

Sound Design
Jim Linahon & Victoria Koenig

Johann Strauss, Benjamin Britten,
Charles Gounod, & Jules Massenet

Scenic Design
Daniel C. Nyiri

Cinderella's Coach
Kevin Myers & Daniel Nyiri

Lighting Design
Eric Larson

Inland Pacific Ballet's Story of "Cinderella"


The Parlor of Cinderella's House:
Cinderella's Stepmother and Stepsisters are preparing for a Royal Ball where it is rumored the Prince will choose his bride from one of the lucky girls in attendance. The Stepsisters are bickering over what to wear, running Cinderella ragged with their demands. The Dancing Master arrives to give them some last minute lessons. When Cinderella asks if she too can go to the Ball her Stepmother tells her only if she completes all of her chores. Cinderella works very hard, and her friends, the Blue Birds and the Mice, help make a dress for her. A mysterious Beggar Woman appears, and Cinderella is very kind to her. The Stepsisters have no intention of allowing Cinderella to go to the Ball, and after ruining Cinderella's dress they and the Stepmother leave for the Ball.

Left alone, Cinderella is crushed. She tries to comfort herself by looking at her treasured portrait of her real mother and daydreaming about dancing with the Prince. She falls asleep in her little chimney corner. The Beggar Woman again appears and reveals herself to be Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. Greeting Cinderella she tells her she will go to the Ball in the most beautiful dress of all, and with a wave of her wand, she transforms the parlor into a magic place.

In the Garden:

Beautiful Fairies and an array of dancing Stars set the stage. Cinderella enters in an exquisite ball gown the Fairy Godmother has created for her, and the Stars adorn her with a brilliant necklace, flowing cape and a special crown. The Fairy Godmother warns Cinderella that at all costs she must leave the Ball before the stroke of midnight. With a final wave of her magic wand, the Fairy Godmother makes a magnificent coach appear to transport Cinderella to the Ball.


The Prince's Palace:
As the curtain opens, the Ball is underway. Princesses who dance with the Prince are announced, and the Stepmother and Stepsisters arrive just in time to join the line of ladies who will meet him. He dances with each one in turn, but none of them strikes his fancy. He then performs a dance for all the assembled guests. Cinderella's coach arrives. She steps out of the coach and enters the ballroom. No one seems to recognize this mysterious and most beautiful princess. As the other guests continue to dance, Cinderella and the Prince's eyes meet, and they dance together. Swept away by excitement, Cinderella forgets the time, and just as the Prince is introducing her to the other guests, the clock strikes midnight. There is great confusion; Cinderella runs out, and in her hurry she drops one of her glass slippers. The Prince picks it up realizing it is his only clue to finding his true love. He leaves with the Master of Ceremonies and the Dancing Master, determined to find her.

The Prince and his companions search in vain for the girl who will fit the glass slipper.

The Parlor of Cinderella's House:
The next morning Cinderella is back in her ragged clothes, without her carriage or jewels. The only thing left to remind her of the Ball is her one glass slipper. Hearing her sisters stirring, she runs to her little chimney corner and pretends to be asleep. The Stepsisters and Stepmother appear and excitedly recount all of the events of the Ball while Cinderella pretends to be amazed. Then the Prince arrives to try the slipper on the Stepsisters and Stepmother, but it fits none of them. Finally it is Cinderella's turn to try on the slipper, and it fits her exactly. Shocked, the Stepmother and Stepsisters faint on the spot. Cinderella draws from her treasure box the matching slipper and explains that she was the mysterious Princess from the Ball. The Stepsisters beg her pardon for all their former unkindness. The Prince declares his love for Cinderella.

The Prince's Palace:
Everyone is gathered at the Palace for the wedding of Cinderella and the Prince. They all dance in celebration. The royal couple is married by the Fairy Godmother. They all live happily ever after.