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Jill  Voznick - Ballet Mistress - Inland Pacific Ballet

Jill Voznick
Directors/Artistic Staff
Ballet Mistress

Mrs. Voznick began her dance training in Omaha, NE at age five with Laura Estelle Entennman. Under the direction of William Martin-Viscount, she joined the Southwest Ballet Center as a scholarship student. Mrs. Voznick also trained at The School of American Ballet in New York City. A graduate of the National Academy of Arts in Champaign, IL, she became a member of The National Ballet of Illinois and the Joffrey II Dancers before joining The Atlanta Ballet in 1980, where she was a soloist and principal dancer for thirteen years. While still dancing with the Atlanta Ballet, Mrs. Voznick was named Asst. Ballet Mistress under the direction of Artistic Director Robert Barnett and later under the Artistic Director John McFall. Besides Mrs. Voznick's accomplishments with the Atlanta Ballet she has established herself as a renowned teacher, on the staff of The Atlanta School of Ballet, the official school of North Carolina Dance Theater, Dance Place and The Cincinnati School of Ballet. Mrs. Voznick joined the staff of Inland Pacific Ballet Academy in January 2001 and was named Co-Director of Inland Pacific Ballet Academy in August 2002.