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Noel Rae Bernal

Academy Junior Trainee

Noel started dancing with IPBA at the age of five. Six months before dancing with IPBA, she was in The Nutcracker with Lacey Schwimmer and her brother, Benji Schwimmer (a winner of So You Think You Can Dance), at their dance studio in Redlands, California. From the age of six to the present, Noel has been involved with every IPBA Spring Recital. In the Summer of 2017, Noel participated in Tarzan the Musical at the Redlands Bowl, and has participated in all the musicals that IPBA has audition for since then. Then in March of 2020, Noel realized her passion is ballet. Noel auditioned for the first virtual Nutcracker and was cast in the role of Icicle and the Mirleton Hoop Corps. This summer, Noel Bernal will expand her horizons to Ballet West in Salt Lake City, Utah. after doing the IPBA Summer Intensive again for the fourth year running. Noel is truly thankful for Mrs. Jill and Ms. Zaylin, who have so professionally helped and guided her thus far. Noel wants to thank her family and friends, and especially those who have seen the performances — both virtual and live — and also to those who pray for her continued progress.

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