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Madison Morris


Madison danced professionally performing in countless roles as a Corps de Ballet member of the Houston Ballet and has performed as a guest artist across the country. Prior to joining Houston Ballet, she performed and toured as a member of Houston Ballet II and trained at Houston Ballet Academy, School of America Ballet (NYC), Ad Deum Dance Company (modern dance), and The Woodlands Civic Ballet. During her time training with Houston Ballet II, Madison was honored with two awards from Houston Ballet Academy. She was also recognized nationally when invited to attend YoungArts Week 2010 as a Finalist through the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA). Upon attending and performing, she was awarded a Level 2 grant by the national foundation. While her primary home is the stage, she also occasionally performs in the commercial/television dance scene (I.e. 2014 Video Music Awards). She has been interviewed by and appeared in a number of publications ranging from local to national (i.e. Dance Magazine, Pointe, Dance Advantage, etc). Madison is honored to join Inland Pacific Ballet this winter and thrilled to take to the stage once more to help bring to life this beautiful holiday classic.

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