Master Kin at Dragon Rehearsal

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Kin Lam

Dragon Master

Kin's passion is promoting and teaching holistic wellness - Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan), Qigong (Chi Gong), Tuina (Tui Na), and related disciplines and practices. Kin has served as a teacher/coach, choreographer, performer and leader for several traditional Chinese Lion Dance troupes in Southern California.

Before his initial training with George Reeder in Tap, Jazz and Ballet, his experience was in Chinese and Malaysian cultural/folk dances and Wushu. Kin wishes to express here that he is grateful to George Reeder for the recommendation, and to Vicky Koenig for the opportunity, to work with IPB and share the traditional Chinese Dragon Dance with a ballet audience. (Inland Pacific Ballet would like to add that, "We couldn't have done it without him!")

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