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Celyna TranCelyna Tran

Academy Junior Trainee

Celyna is an aspiring 13-year-old ballet dancer whose love for the art of dancing is reflected through her hard work and determination. She began training at 5 years old. Celyna enrolled in IPB Academy’s Summer Intensive Program in 2015 where she trained vigorously in classical technique, pointe, contemporary, and Broadway. With the help of the experienced and exceptional teachers at IPB Academy, she improved dramatically within six months. This led to her acceptance to the Bolshoi Ballet Academy Summer Intensive in 2016. She has since received a scholarship from the Bolshoi for their 2017 Summer Program. Celyna is currently training at IPBA and will compete in the 2017 Youth America Grand Prix international ballet competition in January. She is thrilled, as well as proud, to be considered and accepted as an IPB Academy Junior Trainee.

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